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running away from home

we admit we have been neglectful dear readers. we have left you high and dry, but that was never our intention. we have been in a state of both perpetual and anticipatory velocity. we haven’t been around much and we haven’t been saddling ourselves with the indignities of technology during the course of our journies. we have been leaving our phones at home.

we have been purposefully difficult to reach and willfully mysterious in our comings and goings. we have been keeping odd hours and spanning area codes. we have been down the street from you and you have not known it.

needless to say, this rash of movement has all but colored 2011. thus far it has not proved to be a year for idols or idleness.

however we have come to terms with the need for stillness, even though it makes us itchy to think about.

why rest? why not rage while there still dying lights? because of the realization we had the other day that we are leaving in three weeks for a week-long road trip to the lamer states with one of our most favorite friends. it will be an adventure filled with cut off shorts, swimming holes, old friends, love, stars, frivolous bestie tattoos, and regional radio.

we return from this and glide straight into our birthdays, which tend to run on the rowdy side of life.

then off to eastern europe for two weeks to ride trains, take the thermal baths, rock and roll, see several countries and who knows what else…

from there we are home and prospecting some new places where our hats might hang. places far away. places with different time zones.

sometimes one needs the wind in their hair and to be just another face passing through just another town. however, we will try our best to keep you posted on our odysseys and oddities. we also have some shit to talk on michelle bachmann…

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we here at casual friday have been fiercely and hotly and wantingly trying to fall in love with one los angeles, california for the past ten years. and always we fail. however this last waftage did put us directly into a small weird part of la that wasn’t so hellish and didn’t render us desperate for the crunch of glass between our teeth.  for those of you dear readers who have yet to be inundated, we here at the offices of casual friday are, both by spirituality and by birthright, deeply tropical creatures. were we to possess feathers they would be the color of guavas and sunsets. so naturally one would think that los angeles would appeal to us- not quite the case. try as we might we never quite do walk away with anything short of a migraine. however, this past trip, despite two poignant acts of ineptitude on the part of one delta airlines, we had a pretty good time. let us now share with you our brief late-fall vacation.

1. plane left an hour late and we got the happy pleasure of sitting next to a slightly mailable and totally belligerent teenage girl who was feeling very “trapped” and wanted to know “why things never work out right”. we here at casual friday took the additional plane-taxing moments to partake in some fulfilling philanthropy and doled out some explanations to this particular teen about the birds and the bees of the modern condition life- dullards and bullshit. it wasn’t directly solicited, yet we at least do feel that it was pretty well received.

2. met our esteemed nephew for the first time. very cute kid. likes to laugh a lot. doesn’t cry much. literally was born with and still has a devil-lock- totally rad.

3. the weather was overcast, so the douche bags were down to a minimum. we somehow managed to navigate the 3rd and santa monica boulevard areas without having a complete exorcist-style melt down.

4. our brother took some time from his day to show us the new foodcourt at some mall. we did not eat there, we were just shown the view and left just as baffled as when we first arrived.

5. finding out that our brother refers to pink floyd’s “the wall” as “the bible”

6. an intolerable amount of time spent on the tarmac sitting next to yet another teen, but this one was surly and coated in ck one.

and that, mes amies, was what we did on our sojourn to los angeles.

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there are dying lights to be raged against, thus we here at casual friday are taking our show on the road this weekend to sunny southern california. los angeles has never really appealed to our collective scurrilous natures, but we are going to do the best we can with what we have.

we will naturally reconvene our acquaintanceship with you, dear readers, on sunday. may this 48 hour emancipation for the drudgery of work prove to be all you ever wanted.

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