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we here at causal friday are a frequenter of the backstage and the vip areas at many of the more suck-my-dick type concert venues in the bay area- which many hipsters, dealers, and groupies can testify is a lot more difficult than it sounds. while we cannot disclose exact specifics, suffice to say, we are more often that not, that asshole that gets into major shows free and then have the happy privilege of an all-access pass or, at least, the ability to cool our heels in the vip room.

we are slaves to the belief that wisdom can be acquired anywhere, so some back stage lessons we’ve learned: often the people you want to talk to for the good stories are the roadies, tour catering rules, stepping on cords should be avoided, and that often large older dudes with furry dogs back stage are often in charge of and worth more than you will ever be.

chug all the hater-ade you choose, but we here at casual friday are benevolent, if anything, and would like to share the fruits of our good fortune with you, our esteemed readers. “how?” you ask, well, after much meditation on the subject, we’ve decided to attack this in the form of a step by step instructional that we are entitling “casual friday’s guide how to be that dick”.

lesson one

how did we our vip reality become such? well, several factors are at work here in this equation, and we are going to only touch on one for this lesson, the basic tenant that a lot rides on who one knows. as the beastie boys said: “i’ve got friends in high places that are keeping me high”. a more applicable statement to our personal situation is such: we’ve got friends in mid-level places that are keeping us relevant and we do a fine job on our own of keeping ourselves high.

how does one meet these critical, kind mid-level people? well, sleeping around is a quick way to do it, however the results tend to be a little so-so at best. another good option is to just fucking become a very regular. we here at causal friday have been lurking around venues, playing and putting on shows for a considerable period of time. basically since the dinosaurs ruled the earth. we’ve met a lot of people who put on shows, own venues, or just generally work in that amorphous thing called the “music bizz”. pay attention to the things happening around you and try to remember names…

so there you go our sweet grasshoppers- work with what you’ve got. we’re not advocating sucking dick willynilly- because ultimately bjs are a very unlikely to get you to the steaming core of the vip room, however, the ball is in your court.

let the sagacity wash over you. we’ll see you on the other side of the silk ropes.

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