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it should proably explained good and early that we at the offices of casual friday do not subscribe to any particular suspicion group. the issue doesn’t even have to really do with belief systems, it is a deep seated indifference to the practice of religion in both the institutional and personal arenas. to put it simply, we could really give a fuck.

with that laid out nice and clear, despite our non-religous stance we can fully get behind easter. it’s one of our favorite holidays actually. it could be argued that easter has it all: it provides us with an occasion to wear a wicker crown of thorns around all day, brunch centered activities, the hunky jesus contest at dolores park, and honestly, it’s a zombie holiday, in that, you know, jesus “came back from the dead” and all… it’s all very good stuff.

one of our most foretelling memories also is an easter one. when we were but little girls in hawaii, our family was still occasionally taking half hearted stabs at catholosism. one particular easter, when we were very small, probably around three little years of age, our mother and grandmother escorted us bedecked in pretty dresses to a church. our memory is dim of many facts, namly owing to the great expanse of time spreading between then and now. we do remember a deep boredom, one that tends to be reserved for horrible oddesys, like 16 hour long greyhound rides to portland or endless car rides with people you don’t particularly like in a car with no working radio. so here we are little and bored, outside the sun is shining and in the distance there is a playground, devoid of children. both swings unoccupied… we fussed, we figited, we bothered our mother to let us go and play only to be shushed. so we took matters into our own hands, which is really the best way to get things done right and proper. we bit our mother. we bit her arm as hard as we could. all of our sharp pearly baby teeth closing down on flesh. our mother escorted us out of curch rapidly, we don’t remember what happened next probably a scolding,  the devil’s playground not even an option. we were never taken back to church again. we would like to claim a ghost of an inkling about our undeniably non tendencies, but really it was probably more beligerence than orical. but it makes you think,  perhaps if cassandra had used teeth maybe people would have listened to her portents a little closer.

with that said, may all your easter eggs be found, may your jesus’ be hunky, and may your scones turn out perfectly. oh, and don’t forget to leave a carrot out for the easter bunny.

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one third of the way deep into the year, and we, dear readers, feel as though we have a degree of accounting to do with you all. well, less to you and more ourselves to be honest. as promised, we wish to revisit our list of new years resolutions to share with you the progress we are making in these superficial goals we decided to strive towards this year…

1. still not care about how much we curse so long as we are learning several new vocabulary words a day.

status: smooth fucking sailing.

2. learn how to do a wheelie.

status: decidedly in progress still, as we cannot get past that point where one is done with eating shit and is actually perched on one wheel. needless to say, we have gotten over our fear of falling, which is a small victory in its own right.

3. travel

status: for real accomplished. early july- pdx. late july- road trip to montana with one of our favorite miscreants. september- budapest/prague/vienna/possibly berlin. december- maui no ka oi.

4. continue pure and total abstinence from emoticons.

status: completely free of insipid smiley faces and whatever bullshit pictograms are the vogue for communicating.

5. write every day.

status: though you dear readers often get the short end of our writing stick, we can whole heartedly assure you that writing every day is happening. we are currently working on a weird short story and tackling our voluminous correspondence.

6. learn to ride a motorcycle.

stauts: moto lessons in the immediate future with one of our motorcycle babe friends.

7. go on a long train ride.

status: for sure. budapest to vienna- 3 hours. vienna to prague- 4 hours. Prague to budapest- 7 hours

8. more house parties.

status: there aren’t enough days in the week.

we here at casual friday are feeling pretty good about things. perhaps a lowered bar is truly the road to happiness…

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no matter what one says, we here at casual friday, as well as you dear readers, are nothing more than social creatures of habit. party animals of repetition, if you will. and much like the preternatural pull that drew the silly malcontents of tv’s cheers to their saloon like moths to flames, it is these same cyclical tendencies that reach out  their tentacles to draw us into the non-traditional places that we physically revisit time and again.

recently we have arrived at the realization that we have become very much anti-social regulars at a few of the bay areas oft over looked social gathering sites, and because of this, we have begun to share casual nods with the other frequenters who elect to occupy the same soil and air as ourselves.

one of the great drains we pour our time down is at the piedmont graveyard. among other things, it’s a good place to listen to slow metal and take arty photos, write letters and have a beer, practice wheelies and eat shit, walk around and plot things. basically in a nut shell, it’s the jam. we recently moved our casual friday home office to near the great gates, so our frequenting has reached a pretty extreme level.

with that digression behind us, some of our favorite regulars are found at the piedmont graveyard. there are the requisite roving hordes of be-mohawked not-so-youths that travel in packs of five to ten drinking beer and taking photos of each other. there is the charming old italian man with a dog who always sings us a sweet song about better days we ourselves were never privy to be alive to enjoy. there is the nice lady who leaves flowers on random graves. there are the odd kids on their first dates who we always seem to crash our bikes in front of and horrify. the heshers who hang out at the crocker grave smoking weed and bullshitting. besides these decreasingly anonymous faces, we also run into many casual friday associates, colleagues, and contemporaries doing basically the same things as ourselves- being people watching weirdos.

it’s food for thought when you realize that your random stumblings take you through the well beaten paths of so many other souls. that really we are all just caught within one another’s gravitational pull, no matter how anti-social we are feeling.

with that said, we will see you around.

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