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happy 2011!

may your resolutions be frivolous. may your days be bright. may we say a hardy fuck you to 2010.

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since the time of captan cook, hawaii has been pretty world wide understood to be the place of dreams. the destination to forget the snow, the work, the mortgage, the dun colored obligations that populate ones day. this is a commonly dreamt dream not only of the continental united states, but of the world as well. it is a dream that hawaii has capitalized on and is now, thanks to the exit of sugarcane and pineapple, is the main industry keeping these islands financially afloat. it’s a careful relationship to navigate and sometimes shit really hits the fan. it is a hedging ones bets on peoples need for luxury and their ability to pursue it. financial recession can have even more dire of consequences for these kinds of economies.

when we were but young things in high school, we would make regular sport of harassing tourists and masquerading as them so we could get into fancy hotels, swim in their pools, and order drinks the color of electricity and charge them to random rooms. why? well, perhaps it was youthful insolence. but there was more to it than that, it was a bitterness that these people got to come to our home, enjoy the best, be served by us, our friends and our parents and ultimately get to leave with sunburns, less money, and no better or no smarter than when they arrived. our feelings were really summed up as the embodiment of the teenage axiom “you don’t get it”.  it being the claustrophobia, the beauty, the fragility, the poverty, the acts of desperate living, the close nature of island life, the rudeness of the visiting class…

hawaii has rendered us always conscious of our “visitor class” when we are abroad. we recognize that look of light disdain in the eyes of people who serve us, as it is a look that we wore many many many times. we are always aware of the cultural and sociological mythos that a physical location presents itself- that a place is more than palm trees and white beaches. that hula girls and jolly ukulele players go home at night to be real people and not bit players in a pageant of cultural fantasia.

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hawai’i pono’i

dear readers, we have neglected you for far to long. it is true. we acknowledge it. we seek to do nothing more than to win back your love. we will give you many words, many letters, many moments.

you find us deep in the blue black heart of the pacific ocean, the precise coordinates of our physical location being latitude 20-55’23” n, longitude 156-15’11” w. dear readers you find us in the deep verdant sticks of our youth. our very beginnings, when we here at casual friday were but young things deeply invested in the sense of claustrophobia that only those who grow up on islands can possibly understand. however island life is also heart-breakingly sweet. one quickly gets wrapped up in the palm trees, waterfalls, cliffs to jump from in to the wide open arms of the pacific, the warmth.

hawaii is a place of great contradictions. hawaii is seat of great strength and defeat. hawaii is the place of deepest welcome and brutality. hawaii is the land of dreams and of little opportunity. hawaii is where one always run into people one knows so ones personal p.r. is always on the mind. hawaii is everything closing at 9pm and drinking canned beer in your shorts on the beach under the moon. hawaii is the sound of rain and sea and wealth.

hawaii is the place that we call home. hawaii is where our family has been born and lived and died since the early sixties. hawaii is always the great thing looming in our minds, something we long for, cry for, but cannot return to on a permanent basis, at least not for many years.

we ourselves date our own personal histories with the state of hawaii to our very own conception. we were born in a hospital built by the last queen consort of the republic of hawaii and the granddaughter of the final king of the island kauai. we malama the aina. we know that ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono. we speak pidgen. we enjoy spam musubis. we did not grow up in a place of freeways and billboards. we did not learn a traditional american history curriculum. we were deeply weirded out and titillated by what the mainland offered us when we first moved there ten years ago, and a decade later we still find ourselves feeling distinctly out of place there.

until our departure, in addition to a number of other topics, we hope to share with you, sweet readers, a history of something dear to us. we want to tell you about the sad princess ka’iulani. we want to tell you about the great battles and the ghosts that still march by night on the kings trial that trace their rocky ways from mauka to makai. we want to tell you of our own ghost stories and personal orientations to these islands. we want to give you sunburns, beaches, good weed, ditching school, close calls, and the very weight of the pacific ocean. we want to give you everything that is the composite of our most basic and elemental structures. we want to give you an understanding of our most core selves. and we shall. for we have the night is warm and long and we want to spend it in no ones company but yours.

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we here at casual friday are a confused mix of relieved and disappointed by the recent nasa induced alien anxiety attack we were navigating with shallow breath.  but no, nasa instead declared they found some bacteria. in a lake. in california. hardly worth the valium it took to get us off the roof after hearing the ominous first words “astrobiology”.

since our smallest days in pigtails, we here at casual friday have harbored a deep fear of aliens. it is interesting when one can examine a deep seated phobia and know precisely when and where it started. our fear of aliens was birthed in the living room of the butchart’s house watching “fire in the sky” when we were eight little impressionable years old. in that one poorly made decision we gifted ourselves with this debilitating bête noire. as years pass, our fears have subsided somewhat, no doubt largely inspired by the fact that we no longer live in the deep sticks of hawaii, and thus are not made to confront that great expansive of sky every night and spooky stories of our friends parents. regardless, we have spent sleepless nights in the company of one of our dearest friends who shares the same fear affliction, drinking whiskey into the  deepest darkest dying hours of the night, staring at the sky creeping our selves out to the very cores.

so if nasa feels the need to put our angst into overdrive again, we here at casual friday do solemnly hope that it will be for something more than life from california. after all, as strange as fuckers are in the golden state, we here feel that it hardly qualifies as alien, even under the squarest of terms.

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holiday hijinks

we are deeply troubled by our blatant neglect of you, our dear readers. things around the casual friday offices have been a little more bustling than we really know what to do with. however, rest assured, you dear readers are on our minds. we promise several long satisfying blog posts about our fear of aliens and reactions to the weak sauce “alien discovery”, holiday fetes, and our impending third annual stalking of barack obama in kailua, oahu.

until then, we remain,

casual friday

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